Thanks for Volunteering

Thanks for your interest in working with us.

Things are a bit busy, but while you wait for us to get back to you specifically, please consider helping in these ways.

We need help sharing the website It is our independent study on COVID, the vaccines and their side effects.

We’ve used this phrasing, but certainly feel welcome to say whatever you want.

All of us have been reeling from the effects of the COVID crisis. Many of us haven’t wanted to leave our houses since March of 2020. It seems like our community has been evenly divided on the issue – wear a mask – don’t wear a mask, get the shot – don’t get the shot. Bitter feelings have resulted.

I just ran across an independent study that has just started trying to gather and analyze data for people in the United States. The survey took me just five minutes. All personal data is kept confidential.

Please share this to everyone you can, regardless of their experiences with COVID or vaccines. Feel free to reply to or with your phrasing and any other questions.


We need this website to go viral. Please share it via direct email and social media.


We need more videos. If you know of people with vaccine side effects, or side effects simply from being around people who have been vaxxed, please encourage them to make a video and send it our way using the link. When you run across other videos that have been posted publicly, please let us know by using the same link.


Any other bright ideas? Just drop us a line.

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